Article 1.1.

Tournaments in each team sports take place in 4 days.

Article 1.2.

Each team must present themselves with two sets of shirts of different colour. The two sets of shirts are numbered in the same way.

Article 1.3

All the coaches have to give the names of the players and their shirt numbers, for the duration of the Games. The names of the players and their shirt numbers should be the same as those on the list of the accreditation.

Article 1.4 Minimum and Maximum Age for Players

In the 2014 FICEP / FISEC games, the male and female players of the team sports should be born in 1997,1998, 1999 and 3 born in 2000.
Article 2

2.1 Procedure to be followed in case of equality

If there is a draw at the end of the match, then extra time periods of  x times 5 minutes will be played until there is a winner.

2.2 Arbitration

2.2.1 The COJFI proposes the referees. In each sport, the venue manager for the COJFI and the OTI agree on the referee nomination for some matches, especially on those which will officiate in semi-final or final.

2.3 Sheet of match
The referees and the captains of the teams must sign the sheet of match.

Article 3

The official playing time for both girls and boys is 4 x 10 minutes with a 1 minute-break between periods 1-2 and 3-4 and a 10 minute-break between periods 2-3.

For matches with reduced time 4 x 8 minutes will be played.

Article 4A
The minimum number required to enter a team into a Basketball tournament during the FICEP/FISEC Games, is set to 8 players. During the competition, if after a wounded player or any other event, the number of players was reduced, this team could continue the competition.

The maximum number of players for the total duration of the tournament is 12.

The players ( max 12 ) shown on the match form should be the same as those registered on the official accreditation, having the names of the players and their shirt numbers, handed in to the ‘Bureau de controle’ on arrival of the delegation.

The shirts have numbers from 0 to 99.

The list ‘Identity control’ has also to be presented to the organiser or O.T.I. at least 15’ before each match.

Article 4B

Any team which does not abide by Article 4A will automatically forfeit the game.

Article 5

For ranking, points will be awarded as follows:

Winner: 2 points
Loser:    1 point
Forfeit / disqualification: 0 point.

Article 6

CLASSIFICATION OF TEAMS in the event of equality

6.1 Procedure
Teams shall be classified according to their win-loss records, namely two (2)points for each game won, one (1)point for each game lost (including lost by default)and zero (0)points for a game lost by forfeit.

6.1.1 If there are two teams in the classification with equal points, the result(s) of the game(s) between the two teams involved will be used to determine the placing.

6.1.2 If more than two teams are equal in the placing, a second classification will be established, taking into account only the results of the games between the teams that are tied.

6.1.3 If there are still teams tied after the second classification, then goal average will be used to determine the placing, taking into account only the results of the games between the teams still tied.

6.1.4 If there are still teams tied, the placing will be determined using the goal average from the results of all their games played in the group.

6.1.5 If, at any stage, using the above criteria, a multiple team tie is reduced to a tie involving only two teams, the procedure in 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 above will be applied.

6.1.6 If, at any stage, it is reduced to a tie still involving more than two teams, the procedure, beginning with 4.1.3 above, is repeated.

6.1.7 Goal average will always be calculated by division.

6.2 Exception:

If only three teams take part in a competition and the situation cannot be resolved following the steps outlined above (the goal average by division is identical), then the points scored will determine the placing.

In the event of new equality, teams will be separate by drawing of lots.

Article 7

Leather Basket balls are to be provided by the organising country and must be in accordance with FIBA regulations:  Girls: n’ 6  ;  Boys: n’ 7. Plastic balls are not allowed.

Article 8

With the exception of the rules described above FIBA regulations are to be applied.

Article 9

Cases which are not covered by the above regulations will be settled by the C.T.I.

Article 10  Presentation of the medals

Medals and cups are given to the teams classified in the first three places of each tournament at the end of the finale or at the end of the last match of the tournament, in case of a single group.

The teams classified in the first three places must be present at the end of the tournament to receive their medals.

Article 11  Presentation of Fair Play Trophies

FAIR PLAY trophies are given at the time of the closing ceremony.