Article 1.1.

Tournaments in each team sports take place in 4 days.

Article 1.2.

Each team must present themselves with two sets of shirts of different colour. The two sets of shirts are numbered in the same way.

Article 1.3

All the coaches have to give the names of the players and their shirt numbers, for the duration of the Games. The names of the players and their shirt numbers should be the same as those on the list of the accreditation.

Article 1.4 Minimum and Maximum Age for Players

In the 2014 FICEP / FISEC games, the male and female players of the team sports should be born in 1997,1998, 1999 and 3 born in 2000.
Article 2

2.1 Procedure to be followed in case of equality

2.1.1 During the crossed semi-finals and the final for 1st and 2nd placing, in case of a draw at the end of the match .

•    For futsal a 2 x 5 minutes extra-time will be played.

2.1.2 For Futsal, in case of a draw at the end of the extra-time, 5 penalty kicks will be made (6,85m. for hockey, 7m. for handball, 6m. for futsal).  5 different players (not sent off ) will shoot them until one team takes the advantage.              

If after the first 5 penalty kicks there is a draw, kicks from the penalty mark will be made by the others players until a team takes the advantage.

2.2 Arbitration
The COJFI proposes the referees. In each sport, the venue manager for the COJFI and the OTI agree on the referee nomination for some matches, especially on those which will officiate in semi-final or final.

2.3 Sheet of match
The referees and the captains of the teams must sign the sheet of match.

Article 3. Length of the games

Full  time                                                           Reduced  time
in case of 1 match per day                                 in case of 2 matches per day
2 x 20 minutes                                                   2 x 15 minutes
(deducted time)                                                 (deducted time)  

Article 4

The official playing time is 2 x 20 minutes, deducted time, according FIFA regulations.

•    Each team can request a time out in each half.

•    The break at half time is not to exceed 10 minutes..

•    In groups of 3 teams, whenever each match ends-up by a draw, shots at goal will be made ( see regulations below ) whose result will only be taken into account to decide the winners in case of a draw at the end of the group matches. (see for this art. 5).

•    During the crossed semi-finals, the final and matches for  (3, 4, 5 6,) placing in case of a draw after the official time, article 2 of the general rules for team sports will apply to futsal.

•    Extra time of  2 x 5 minutes. In case of a draw after extra time, 5 kicks from the penalty mark will be made : 5 different players (not players sent off) will shoot alternatively until one team takes the advantage. If after the first 5 penalty kicks teams remain draw, the remaining players of the teams will continue with the penalty kicks until a team takes the advantage.

Article 5 A

•    The maximum number of players for the whole tournament is 12.
The minimum number required to enter a team into a Futsal tournament during the FICEP / FISEC Games, is set to 8 players. During the competition, if after a wounded player or any other event, the number of players was reduced fewer than 8, this team could continue the competition.

•    Every team has to have 5 players including the goalkeeper.

•    If during a match, a team finishes off with less than three players on the ground because of a sending off, the referee has to stop the game.

•    The players shown on the match form should be the same as those registered on the official accreditation form “ Identity control”, having the names of the players and their shirt numbers, handed in to the “ Bureau de contrôle” on arrival of the delegation.

•    The list “ Identity control” has to be presented  to the organiser or the OTI at least 15 minutes before each match.

Article 5 B

Any team which does not abide by article 5 A will automatically forfeit the game.

Article 6

Every player who has been substituted can substitute every other player .

It doesn’t matter if another player takes the position of goalkeeper as long as the referee is informed beforehand. This change will always take place during a stop of play.

Article 7

For ranking, points will be awarded as follows:

Winner:    3 points /     Draw: 1 point /          Loser:        0 point /    Forfeiture: 0 point

Article 8

In case two or more teams end up on equal points, either in the overall ranking or within one group, the following procedure will be taken into account in this order:

•    the results between teams on equal points
             the points awarded between these teams
             the goal difference of these teams
             the goal average of these teams
•    the general goal difference
•    the general goal average (quotient)
•    penalty kicks (3 teams group only).

Article 9 Sending off

A player who is sent off will no longer be able to participate in the match.
The referee informs that a player is sent off by showing him a red card. A second yellow card can also come before the red one.

During the tournament, a red card whether you get it straight or after 2 yellow ones, leads to a suspension for the next match.

A player is sent off if in the referee’s opinion, he
-    is guilty of violent play
-    is guilty of brutality
-    is guilty of rudeness and roughness
-    is guilty, for the second time, of a foul for which he was given a warning.

The team of a player sent off after a red card or two yellow cards can be completed again in the following way:  
•    A team can be completed again by a player after 2 minutes play after the sending off.
•    In every case a team can be completed when a goal is scored against them within the 2 minutes after the sending off. The moment the team can be completed is from the re-begin of the play after the goal was scored.

A direct red card leads to a minimum suspension of one match.

Article 10

The balls n°4 provided by the organizer, must satisfy the requirements of law 2 and carried one of  official logos according to: FIFA APPROVED or FIFA STANDARD INSPECTED or reference INTERNATIONAL MATCHBALL.

Article 11

•    Shin guards are not obligatory.
•    The goals have to be fixed on the ground.
•    With the exception of the rules below and the preceding articles, FIFA rules will apply, in particular :
-    tackles and charges are forbidden
-    throw in
-    any interruption of the play by the referee for wound, involves the obligatory exit of the player of the playground
-    number of official on the bench is limited to 2 per team.

Article 12

Cases, which are not covered by these regulations, are settled by the C.T.I.

Article 13  Presentation of the medals

Medals and cups are given to the teams classified in the first three places of each tournament at the end of the finale or at the end of the last match of the tournament, in case of a single group.

The teams classified in the first three places must be present at the end of the tournament to receive their medals.

Article 11 Presentation of Fair Play Trophies

FAIR PLAY trophies are given at the time of the closing ceremony.