In the 2014 FISEC games, the competitors of the athletics events should be born in 1997,1998, 1999 or 2000.

Article 1. The following events will be held:

1.1    GIRLS

•    100m – 200m- 400m – 800m – 1500m – 3000m
•    100m hurdles (Number of hurdles 10;  H: 0.76m: Dist: 13m - 8.5m – 10.5m)
•    300m hurdles ( H. 0.76m  Dist: 50 m – 35m – 40m )
•    relays 4 x 100m (registration of 6 athletes out of which 4 will take part in competition)
•    high jump - long jump - triple jump (take off board 9m or 10m)
•    javelin (600g) – shot (3kg)

1.2    BOYS

•    100m – 200m – 400m – 800m – 1500m – 3000m
•    110m hurdles (Number of hurdles 10;  H: 0.91m.  Dist:  13.72m – 9.14m – 14.02m)
•    400m hurdles (H. 0.84m. Dist: 45m- 35m- 40m)
•    relays 4 x 100m;  4 x 400m.  (registration of 6 athletes out of which 4 will take part)
•    high jump – long jump –triple jump (take off  board 11m or 13m)
•     shot (5kg) – javelin (700g)

•    To make an event, it’s necessary to have, after the definitive nominal inscriptions, 4 athletes and 2 countries.

Article  2.

Each country may register any number of athletes.

2.1 Confirmation of taking part in races: each team leader must confirm participation of their athletes at least 45 minutes before the beginning of the races of the day for each first round of races of the day.
Withdrawal  with no good reason before the start of a race at the beginning of the day, will lead to the athlete’s complete elimination for every race in which he was meant to take part until the end of the competition.

2.2 Relays: each relay team taking part can have 6 names. If a country has two relay teams, the leader of the team will have to name, at least during the meeting before the games start, a team 1 and a team 2 with maximum 6 names each. One hour before the events start, final relay composition and race order will be given.

In races up to and including 400m (including Relays), a crouch start and the use of starting blocks are compulsory.

Article 3.

Each athlete may participate in 4 events. The relays are to be considered as individual events.

•    three track events and a relay
•    three field events and one track event
•    two relays and two field events
•    four track events
•    etc.

Article 4

*      In long jump, triple jump and throwing events each athlete will be allowed three trials and the best 8 competitors will be allowed 3 further trials           

•    In triple jump the take of board shall be placed at 9m and 10m for the girls and at 11m and 13m for the boys.

Article 5

•    High jump. The starting height will be 1.40m for the girls and 1.60m for the boys.

Bar raising:

For the girls by 5cm up to the height of 1.60m and by 3cm thereafter
For the boys by 5cm up to the height of 1.80m and by 3cm thereafter

Article 6 Qualification criteria

6.1 Track events

Adaptation for the events with only 4 athletes by race  :

For the races 100m, 200m 400m (300m), 100m (110m) hurdles, 4 x 100m :
- from 0 to 12 athlθtes : we organize 2 or 3 heats + final A = Q, Q, (Q) + best times
- from  13 to 24 athlθtes : we organize 4, 5 ou 6 heats, and two semi-finals = Q, Q, Q, Q, (Q), (Q) + best times and one  final = Q, Q + best times

Heats and eliminating heats

A. 100m. 200m. 300m. 400m. 100m hurdles. 110m hurdles

qualification    1st round         Qualification    2nd round         Qualification    3rd round         Qualification
    heats        P.    T.    heats    P.    T.    heats    P.    T.
9 ΰ 16    2    3    2                        
17 ΰ 24    3    2    2                        
25 ΰ 32    4    3    3    2    4                

B. 300m hurdles, 400m hurdles, 800m, 4 x 100; 4 x 400

qualification    1st round        Qualification    2nd round         Qualification    3rd round         Qualification
    heats    P.    T.    heats    P.    T.    heats    P.    T.
9 ΰ 16    2    3    2                        
17 ΰ 24    3    2    2                        
25 ΰ 32    4    3    4    2    3    2            

C. 1500m, 3000m

qualification    1st round        Qualification    2nd round         Qualification    3rd round         Qualification
    heats    P.    T.    heats    P.    T.    heats    P.    T.
16 ΰ 24    2    4    4                        
25 ΰ 36    3    6    6    2    5    2            


6.1.1.    long jump; triple jump; shot; javelin;

direct final

•    three trials for all the participants
•    three extra trials for the first eight

6.2.2. high jump;

direct final:  three attempts per height ( it is possible to reserve 1 or 2 attempts at a higher height as indicated in the IAAF regulations)      


Article 7

The Team Championship takes place with the same events as the individual championship. There is a team ranking male and a team ranking female.

Article 8 : Composition of teams

All countries participating in FICEP / FISEC games athletics events are listed by team. All athletes may be participating in the team classification.

Article 9 : Allocation of points

In each event, only the first classified athlete of a country brings points to the team. The points will be awarded as follows :

9.1 In field events and track events with direct finale:
•    the first athlete in each event will be awarded a number of points equivalent to number of participating countries.
•    The second, a point less and so on.

9.2 In track events disputed with heats and final
•    in each event concerned, the first athlete in final will be awarded a number of points to number of participating countries.
•    the second, a point less and so on
•    athletes of the country not having taken part in the final will be classified according to the times carried out in heats, after the athletes classified in the final.

9.3     Withdrawal or disqualification will receive 0 point.

Example : classification and allocation of points for the female 100 m during the FISEC games 2008 in Malta – 7 countries were participating in female athletics competition
    heats result *    allocation of points
    1    France    X
    2    Malta    X
    3    France    X
    4    France    X
    5    Malta    X
    6    France    X
    7    Malta    X
    8    Malta    X
    9    Austria    5
    10    Austria    X
    11    Netherlands    4
    12    Malta    X
    13    Portugal    3
    14    Netherlands    X
    15    Austria    X

* Great Britain and Hungary had no athletes in this event

In the event of a tie, each athlete obtains the same number of points corresponding to the classification.

Article 10 : Classification

•    Female rank : only the 12 best quotes
•    Male rank : only the 15 best quotes

The team with the greatest number of points will be declare the winner. In case two teams end up with the same number of points the team which has the biggest number of first places will take first place. If the teams remain equal then the biggest number of second places will be taken into account, then the biggest number of 3rd places etc. the relay will be considered like the other events.